A man in a red suit and black hat.

Willie “MrMagic” Franklin

Magician in Spotlight

Amazed from the very first time that he saw a magician, Willie "Mr. Magic," Franklin is still astonished by the effects that magic can create. His magic tricks started as a hobby and have since grown into a challenge to excite, dazzle, and bewilder his audiences and to share the magical experience as he grows in this mysterious field. Keep reading to learn more about Fantasy Magic.

At the start of his entertainment endeavor, Mr. Magic performed at school assemblies and children's birthday parties. "This opened up a brand new world of imagination and fun for me, and I discovered new secrets with which to astound my audiences," comments Mr. Magic. "I wanted my shows to be more than mere entertainment or babysitting events for the kids, so I embarked upon a different approach. I used it to help them to learn. I wanted the children to feel the power of magic and to use their imaginations. I conveyed to them that there is magic in all of us and that they should know and believe that their dreams can indeed come true."

"I wanted to instill in them that their education was most important for their dreams to be fulfilled, so I encouraged kids to read about magic. Many wrote reports on the subject." I realized that I could not only hold the children's attention but also ignite their motivation to learn.

As his experiences grew and talents developed, Mr. Magic began to feel a need to expose himself to more accomplished magicians - those who had reached higher professional levels. So, he took off for Las Vegas, where he studied with Jeff McBride and Eugene Burger, two of the industry's best magicians.

He drove from place to place to meet other magicians that were especially entertaining and successful. One night Franklin drove to Fresno, California, to meet Victor and Diamond - two of the best dove magicians in the world, and who happens to be African American. The encounter offered him added incentive and encouragement.

As one of San Jose's most accomplished magicians, Willie "Mr. Magic" Franklin's appearances have included the San Jose Juneteenth Festival, Vietnamese New Year's Festival, Italian-American Christmas Show, Soul Beat Awards, Geoffery's Inner Circle Night Club in Oakland, Club Ibex in San Jose, Nortel Networks Christmas Gala, the City of Fremont 4th of July Festival and the City of Newark Family Day at the Park.

Just recently, Mr. Magic received a Third Place award for his performance at the San Francisco Magic Competition.

Mr. Magic continually surprises and dazes audiences with his sleight-of-hand entertainment. He mystifies the young and not-so-young at every performance. "My performance is highly energetic, filled with excitement, and strewn with dazzling color," commented Mr. Magic." I take particular care to ensure that it is choreographed to perfectly selected music to heighten the suspense of each illusion. Come experience the dream."